Rules of HHV…

Rule based governance is a core value of the Village. This means that the success of the Village rests on the participation of those who live there. Villagers attend weekly Village meetings,  and comply to all Village safety & security rules.

Villagers are required to donate ten hours to the community each month for property maintenance or other volunteer work, including staffing the “Front Desk”, which is mandatory for all Clients. Only Villagers and Village Volunteers may enter the community unaccompanied.

There are Village policies everyone must follow. Included are food storage and sharing, pets, and abandonment of a the dwelling for more 4 days without prior approval.

Habitat & Hope Village Agreement ...

Habitat & Hope is a transitional village that will provide a safe and secure place for those currently without housing. It is a rule based governed community that has five fundamental agreements:

1) No violence to yourself or others.

2) No theft.

3) No alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs,

    or drug paraphernalia on village property.

4) No persistent, disruptive behavior. 

5) Everyone must contribute to the operation and

    maintenance of Habitat & Hope Village.

HHV Rulebook

Habitat & Hope Village Inc.

5090 Center Street NE

Salem, Oregon 97317

Village Rulebook


Agreements (p.1)   

Types of Membership (p.1)

Village Governance (p.2)   

Village Security Plan (p.4)    

Intervention Action Plan (p.6)    

Village Safety Plan (p.8)  

Food Storage (p.10)   

Pets (p.11)    

Abandonment (p.12)   

Alcohol, Drug & Paraphernalia (p.13)

Couples Policy (p.13)

Probationary Status (p.14)  

Medical & Family Leave (p.15)

Bathroom Cleaning (p.16)   

Community Agreement (p.17, 18)

Community Agreement …

I will be a positive member of this community and contribute toward making it a safe, secure, clean and pleasant place to live. Therefore I agree to the following:

 - What I do will be based on love and respect for myself and others.

 - I will not disrespect others based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap,  lifestyle choices, or economic status. We all have the right to expect dignity and opportunity.

 -  I will help make H&HV a place where everyone feels safe and respected. For my own safety   as well as the safety of others, I will not carry a weapon or act violently toward others or myself.

 - Since stealing is one of the most upsetting things that can happen in our community, I will not steal and will make the members of the Village Council aware of any stealing I see. I will respect other people's property and community property and I expect other people to respect mine.

 - I know that illegal drugs and alcohol use can damage my community. I agree not to use illegal drugs, marijuana, or alcohol on the village premises.

 - I will honor quiet hours from 10PM to 7AM so that others and myself can stay healthy and rested. I understand that no personal guests will be allowed during that time.

 - I want to live in a clean, litter-free, comfortable space where I can bring friends, family and other guests. Also, I know that communities such as ours get closed down for "health and  safety" reasons. I will keep the area in and around where I live clean and orderly, and not store any personal items outside of my building footprint or allocated storage space. I will help keep the community areas clean and will pick up after myself and my pet, if I have one, and keep my pet leashed at all times. I understand that only a limited number of pets will be allowed in the Village in order to maintain an orderly environment.

 - I understand that in order to maintain a secure environment there will be a single point of entrance and exit. The facility will be a gated community and there will be clear procedures to follow if there is concern for safety of the villagers or the surrounding neighborhood.

 - I know that it can take a lot of work to keep the Village a safe, clean and pleasant place to live. I agree to work at least 10 hours a month on the operation and maintenance of the Village. This includes serving on security teams, helping with kitchen duties, construction projects, maintenance and clean-up crews, helping plan activities and other jobs that need to be shared by community members. 

 - I also know that there are financial costs to keep the Village running. I will support the goal

of self-sufficiency by contributing each month either financially or through sweat equity by participating in micro-business opportunities or fundraising events. 

 - I will attend the weekly Village meetings, unless I have an acceptable reason for absence, in which case I will find out what went on by reading the meeting notes. I understand that decisions will be made through a majority vote, and that the Board of Directors of the non-profit reserves the right to override decisions made. I agree to abide by all decisions made.

 - I affirm that I have completed the Background Check Form honestly along with all other application documents. I understand that if the background check reveals otherwise, I could be asked to leave immediately.

 - I promise to keep all of these agreements, as well as others that are approved at Village meetings. If I violate any agreements, the members of the Village Council are authorized to ask me to leave temporarily, or, in serious or repeat cases, to leave permanently. I will do so peacefully and not return unless I am authorized to do so.