- HHV Building Plans -

HHV Portable Shower Facilities for

Unsheltered Communities

Shower Units are built on “Tiny House Trailers”

Manufactured in McMinnville, Oregon

3 Bathrooms - (1 ADA)

Habitat & Hope Village (HHV) is working to fill a very important service to Salem’s Unsheltered Communities. Progress is being made to house our unsheltered citizens with the development of new Managed Micro Shelter Communities. 

Church@thePark, a local nonprofit that works directly with Salem’s unsheltered population, has received donations for the purchase of 120 micro shelter houses. Thank you to everyone who participated in making these projects become a reality.

Now that more people are being housed, HHV is creating mobile shower and laundry facilities to support the hygiene needs of the residents. HHV is contracting with Cozy Home Inc., a Salem construction company specializing in small homes and micro shelters, to build the Shower Trailer. HHV has donate our first shower trailer to Church@thePark for use in their Managed Micro Shelter Communities. HHV is now working on a Laundry Trailer to support the Micro Shelter Community.

Check out our shower trailer design and other possibilities. Please help fund these needed facilities. Working together we will make a difference in the quality of life for our unsheltered neighbors and our community.

183 Square Feet

Other Possibilities!

( Construction in Progress )

6 Washers, 6 Dryers, Utility Sink, Folding Tables

HHV 20 Unit Village with Shared Facilities

Shared Central Community Facilities

Cabins can also be a stand alone single unit

A Secure Fenced Community

Storage Shelves


Fully Insulated &

Heated Space

Large Windows



Storage Beneath

Dormitory Style

Everything Under One Roof

The  Dormitory Style Plan has the same features as the Village plan, but can be located on a 36% smaller lot and meet zoning requirements for a single unit building development.

- A Women’s Shelter of Hope -

Transitional Housing for Single Women

“Dollhouse” Floor Plan

Front Elevation


Outdoor Patio


Typical Bedroom (87 s.f.)



Women’s Shelter Elevations



Micro House Community





A single resident “Micro House” for up to three people (with a loft plan) that would be part of a larger community development. Rentals or ownership of homes could be options.

Habitat & Hope Village - Micro Estates of Salem, Oregon